Introducing, Erik Greefhorst

I’m glad I can introduce myself here.

My name is Erik Greefhorst, I will be 60 in September and I live in Eindhoven with my wife Dianne. Our joint 5 children have left the house and ‘surprised’ us last year with no less than two grandchildren. In my spare time I like to use everything on 2 wheels, bicycle, scooter or motorcycle.

I have been active in IT as an independent entrepreneur since 1990.

Initially exclusively with the automation of stores and retail chains. Later, in service of customer needs, Business Intelligence (BI), Product Information Management (PIM) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) were added. My company Abacus has been accommodated at BZTRS Agency since 2017 and I left there last year to make room for new management.

At Dovetail I was involved from the start as a co-founder and partner, but there was not time to do more than monthly consultations. Since 1 April I have been working with Norman on the further development of Dovetail. Norman in the operational role and I in the commercial role. We are both really looking forward to putting Dovetail further on the (international) map as an iPaaS product!

In recent months I have been able to look more closely at the world of integration and the position of Dovetail in it. What we see is that for many Dovetail is seen as a technical product, whereas we see it and position it as a solution for the non-programmer. We also see that our contacts have often started working with Dovetail out of technical interest. Despite corona restrictions, I visited a number of partners to get an idea of ​​our contribution to their company. One of our partners calls Dovetail the glue between applications, which makes them more valuable together, and that is quite a good description.

I believe that almost every company needs integration and that the market in that sense is huge. Our target group is in the middle and higher SME sector and our added value is potentially great there. We see that many different applications are used, usually from a best-of-breed strategy. We must become the preferred flexible adhesive layer between those applications.

‘Integration made easy’

An EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) project is complex as a starting point, but not difficult. It is complex because of the amount of technical, functional and operational details.

Dovetail can make the difference by;

  • the collaboration between partners with knowledge of best-of-breed applications
  • the joint development of ‘concepts’ for larger groups of customers
  • recording knowledge in ‘Dovetail building blocks’ that are easy(er) to maintain
  • targeted marketing approach through application areas, software brands with their partners and customers

In the coming months, our commercial focus will be on this.

We hope that we can organize another offline event in the second half of the year so that we can meet you in person.

Until then, stay healthy and see you soon!

greetings Erik