Integration challenges in the Leisure branche

A common name for all kinds of commercial leisure facilities is the entertainment sector, also known as leisure. The leisure industry can be defined very broadly: catering, entertainment, culture, sports, recreation, etc.


Because this industry is so incredibly diverse, it is difficult to describe a process. However, what is always a common factor at Leisure is the consumer. This is very critical and customer experience is of paramount importance. Many processes within this industry are therefore designed to give the consumer the wow experience. For example, a beautiful location, friendly service, good food, etc.

The online experience is also an important part of this. You want your company to be easy to find on the web, that the reservation system works well, that you can be found on online platforms and that your website is a real business card with up-to-date information.

For this it is very important that you always have the right data available in the right place.

Integration need

Collecting data and using it to deliver added value to guests will become increasingly important. By mapping out exactly what the needs of the guests are, it is easier to respond to this.

It is important to know who comes into your business, when he comes and what he orders.

Customer details, such as birthdays, spending patterns, interests and place of residence give the catering entrepreneur the opportunity to respond to the guest’s personal preferences. A good relationship provides a reason to choose your company over another.

You have to think in communities instead of in the traditional target groups and personas. To build the communities you can for example combine the statistics from different sources: Facebook, Instagram, statistics of the city where you are located, Deliveroo, Ubereats, Google, data from the cash register system, reservations, work schedules etc.

Furthermore, there are many more data flows in this industry in the field of accounting, suppliers, personnel administration, housing, review websites, etc.

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The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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