We indicate that many of our components have already been completed in an opinionated manner. A very nice term, which many people may not initially think of. We are happy to explain this!

The literal translation of opinionated is: biased. And while we don’t pretend we’re never cocky, that’s not exactly what we mean.

From the beginning

To explain what we do mean, it is important to first know how a Dovetail flow is built.

After a paper mapping* has been made of the desired situation and all data has been collected to gain access to the applications (such as API keys, tokens, API documentation, contact details, etc.) integration flows can then be built.

For each flow, a start and end point is determined and it is determined what should be done with the data. A component can be added for every action in the flow, for example;

  • Splitting data, where different parts of a message have to be processed in a different way
  • Converting data from one format to another, such as CSV to XML, XML to JSON or EDIFACT to XML
  • Aggregating data (information is collected and expressed in a concise form, for purposes such as statistical analysis)
  • Enriching data, for example from another system
  • Determining rules, what should happen with the data that comes in
  • Link with other integration flows, to build new integrations even faster
  • Filtering and routing messages, not every message that comes in has to follow the same route

When it has been determined which start and end points there are and what should be done with the data, components can be selected by means of drag and drop and a flow can be created.

Options flow

Options must be entered for each component, very specific information such as the API key, but also a lot of information that is the same for everyone. We have not made all options that have these fixed values visible to the users, and do not need to be filled in. We have also combined different options and explained them in a way that is understandable to the users, so that fewer actions are required.

This makes building integration flows achievable by non-developers. Only the customer-specific values now need to be entered. This can easily be done by someone with domain knowledge.

We call the entry of the standard data “opinionated”, with this we want to indicate that we have already entered many standard values because we know in advance that these data are the same for everyone.

Benefits of using Dovetail

Because Dovetail flows can be created by domain experts, it lowers the barrier to data integration that organizations with an increasing digitization need have, but must achieve with limited resources and scarcity of developers

Dovetail also ensures that the organization is very flexible and has a short time-to-market for a new integration. Any integration specialist who has already created a Dovetail flow can build the next flow very quickly. By using the Dovetail forum it is also possible to learn from other users.

There is also a lot of information available in the Dovetail Academy, which can serve as a handy reference book.

*Papermapping: Visual overview on paper or PC, including work instructions, datasets as reference, up to and including identified inefficiencies or pain points for improvement.


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