In our latest release we have made some improvements again. Information about our releases, and much more, can always be found in the Dovetail Academy.


  • We’ve made some improvements to the flow versions in the flow designer:
    • Installed versions are retrieved asynchronously instead of synchronously.
    • The Versions tab now has a load indicator for getting the list of flow versions and for getting the installed flow versions.
  • We’ve made some improvements to the health check reports:
    • The response status is now always 200 OK.
    • Ignore some warnings in the ActiveMQ report that are not important.
    • Problems in a report are now returned in an array instead of a string.
  • We have added a new advanced option to the HTTP component that allows unlinking the SSL certificate store managed by Dovetail. In very rare cases this may be necessary. 

Our new releases are always installed in the customer’s environment in consultation with our partners and customers.