Our team members are each experts in their own field. Please allow us to introduce them.

Mark Veltman – Intern Software Development

Mark is 25 years old and in his final year in Software Development. He gets a kick out of the idea that his work makes life easier and more fun, which translates nicely into his assignment to make the Dovetail flow manager more user-friendly. In his spare time he likes to immerse himself in his hobbies: Language, Culture and Gaming.

Geert Pulles – Sales

Geert is an experienced hand with over 2 decades of experience in helping companies with their digital transformation. With knowledge of both ICT and business, he can provide customers with the right advice/insights like no other. In a world where today’s ideas are already obsolete tomorrow, it is necessary to bring something extra, and that is exactly what he does! As Sales, he is commercially involved in the growth of Dovetail and supports new and existing partners.

Koen Castermans – Developer

Koen prefers web development best and gets a lot of satisfaction out of developing user-friendly user interfaces. In his spare time, he likes to do strength training.

Pedro Catalão – Developer

Pedro wrote his first lines of code back on his old 48k PC. That interest, combined with the internet boom in the late nineties, led him to turning his hobby into his profession. He dives right into what gets his attention, whether this is a new software project or something that makes him curious, like his latest interest in airplanes, which eventually turned him into a pilot.

Steffie Verbeek – Marketing

Update the website, organise events, create reference cases or write a leaflet… a working day for a marketeer is never the same. Even when Steffie is off work, she still organises all kinds of things as a volunteer for various organisations. And, of course, she makes time for a fun social life!

Norman Hooghof – Managing Partner

Norman is always working on Dovetail: he is in charge of daily operations and next to managing the team, he cannot help reading up on all the ins and outs and to function as helpdesk for anyone who has questions about Dovetail. In his spare time, he likes to spend time with his family and friends or you can find him on the tennis court or along the football field.

Erik Greefhorst – Partner

Erik has been active in the world of retail automation since 1990, an expertise that deals with change on a daily basis!
Besides being an involved partner and shareholder of Dovetail, he also manages BZTRS Agency in Eindhoven, which unites all disciplines for Retail Innovations.

The people above are the direct points of contact for Dovetail. The operations of Dovetail are also safeguarded at the back-end by renowned parties, with which we collaborate closely to guarantee the continuity of development.

Ralph Deguelle – Partner

Passionate, focused on results, without losing sight of the people: that is Ralph. In addition to being shareholder at Dovetail, Ralph is founder of Kiota and Kabisa.
Ralph manages Kabisa, in which capacity he helped give rise to Dovetail. At Kabisa, he is proud of the best management, characterized by coaching leadership.
In his spare time, a Burgundian touch returns in the form of a barbecue and a glass of wine. He maintains his balance on the sports field with his children and the Kettlebell sport.

Harm de Laat – Partner

Harm is a pioneer through and through. He sees opportunities in the market and jumps right on them. Always innovative and very passionate. Besides Dovetail, Harm is founder of Kiota and Kabisa. Kabisa helped give rise to Dovetail and remains a highly valued partner. In his free time, Harm spends time with his children or plays tennis.

The people above are the direct points of contact for Dovetail. The operations of Dovetail are also safeguarded at the back-end by renowned parties, with which we collaborate closely to guarantee the continuity of development.



The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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