Last week, our partner Wholesale Consulting Group delivered the Track & Trace integration to for one of their relations at lightning speed with the Dovetail integration platform, which they already used for many of their digitized processes and application links.

Below is a brief description of what they have achieved.

Track & Trace codes to

This relationship works with Unit4 Wholesale and uses IBS Dynaman’s WMS application for warehouse automation.

After the processing of the sales order and the warehouse logistics, the WMS application provides the shipping data containing the bol order number (s) and the track and trace code (s). We ensure validation and enrichment of the message by means of a REST API Query from Unit4 Wholesale. Subsequently, the shipping data is automatically written to the V3 API.

In this way, the manual entry of the Track & Trace on the Seller Portal of is no longer necessary, and it is prevented that the sales office department often has to enter the necessary shipping information per order at the end of a busy working day.

This process can be processed with input formats such as Excel, CSV, XML or other formats.

Since many wholesalers are active on market platforms such as, this Track & Trace process integration can be of great benefit. With the extensive experience that WCG now has, this solution can be delivered in a few days.

If you have any questions about this, you can of course contact Wholesale Consulting Group.