Integration challenges in the wholesale branche

A wholesale trade is a commercial enterprise that is located between manufacturers and the retail trade (or hospitality industry).

Wholesale and information provision

A major source of frustration for many wholesalers is a lack of insight into the overall picture and the endless switching between different systems. Systems are often outdated and slow or lack a number of useful functionalities. As a result, employees not only spend a lot of time manually typing in data, it also costs the company quite a lot of money to keep all systems up-to-date.

Within wholesale there are many active processes and therefore also data flows. For example, consider:

Product information

To provide a retailer with the correct product information, it is important that it is optimal. Long and short descriptions, EAN codes (GS1), product features, options, images and much more. Much of this information will be available from the supplier of the product and other information will probably be in other places. To get all this information in a uniform way in for example your PIM or MDM system, data integration is needed.

Price information

Prices can often fluctuate due to price changes, scarcity, promotions and offers etc. It is of course important that a product is purchased and sold for the right price. For this price information from the supplier, exchange rate changes and internal information must be combined.

Inventory Management

How many pieces of a product are there? Is there still stock in the warehouse or does the supplier still have stock? An important task of the wholesaler is to keep stock for the channel. It is therefore extremely important that all information is available quickly and correctly.

Handling in your financial package

Payments from customers, suppliers, return transactions, etc. must all be processed in your financial package.

Order processing

Many retailers send their orders to the sales mailbox by PDF. These must be retrieved and processed in the ERP system.

Customer cards

The most important data in your organization is probably the customer data. You want to be able to follow all actions that a customer performs and have them in the right place in the system. For example, it is possible to offer customer-specific promotions.

Integration challenges

For many organizations, there is still a major challenge in integrating all data. We have listed a number of common challenges.

Integration challenges in the wholesale branche

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The migration of existing systems and the integration with other systems within the application landscape drove Janshen Hahnraths’ need for an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).

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